‘’To be a global platform that propagates (the seeking of) Islamic knowledge and promotes tolerance to humanity’’

Our Mission

We are a consortium of organizations striving to provide an enabling environment for better understanding of Islamic values through social and academic interactions that help improve the quality of life of individuals and organisations’’


  •  Provide true knowledge and better understanding of Islam through academic and social workshops;
  •  Encourage tolerance of other faiths through social interactions;
  • Help families strike a balance between Islamic values and cultural expectations;
  • Promote community development through charity, as well as serve as Zakah administrators

Core Values:

  • Iman (Faith)
  • Adl (justice)
  • Sabr (Patience)
  • Ilm (knowledge)
  • Ihklas (Sincerity)
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency


“And verily, this Ummah (Nation) is One Ummah(Nation), and I am your Lord, so whorship Me”

— Quran 21:92



logo-2The Foundation is managed by a group of young women who have dared to make a positive difference to the lives of others through helping out with charitable projects.  It first came together as a social network group sharing life experiences and then lamenting on the hardships faced in our communities especially by the less privileged, but we quickly realized talking wasn’t helping anyone and unanimously decided to transform our social group into a charitable foundation.

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dawah-letter-head“Women in Da’awah” is an umbrella group of Muslim Women Organizations involved in education, enlightenment, outreach and advocacy on women issues in Nigeria. It  was established in 2003 in FCT and is a not for profit membership organization with the overall goal of ensuring the spiritual, moral, economic and psycho-social well being of members and the entire community.

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I-Media Mega Communication Services is a media and da’awah support service company with special focus on using media tools to build capacity and empower of Muslims, especially kids and youths. Its mission is to be the most reliable Islamic Media house in Africa

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lotuLIGHT OF THE UMMAH (LOTU) is a youth-driven Muslim group that promotes and propagates the true and beautiful teachings of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims in Nigeria. LOTU was founded in June 2011 to actively address issues that impede the comprehension of Islam such as misconceptions about Islam and the degenerating Muslim identity particularly amongst the youth(s). To this end, LOTU seeks to realize its goals by adopting a tripod approach in the activities it engages in; organizing Islamic lectures, actively engaging the Muslim youth(s) in community development and outreach schemes and youth ambassadorship programmes.

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